Thursday, September 12, 2013

480 Days

Today is the thirteenth. Which means we've been married for 16 months. Or about 480 days.

This routine of recognizing the thirteenth of every month is probably a bit odd to people who've been married for thirty years, but for now, it's a regular monthly reminder of where we've been, what we have, and where we're going. So usually, the thirteenth finds me thinking and writing about marriage.

This "anniversary" finds us in Cheongju, South Korea where we've relocated to a new home. Maybe we'll be here one year, maybe four years. For now, we're happy just to be here together. We're both teaching and navigating life in a brand new place. What people said was true, "A year abroad will really bring you closer."

Planning and talking about the trip took about 10% of our energy with each other.

Actually getting on a plane, landing in a foreign country, and trying to find your way around takes everything we have.

Our first night in Korea, Jeremy held me through a panic attack that kept me awake and then haunted my dreams. The first week we talked a lot about "Well, if this doesn't work, we're not stuck here....right?" And the last few weeks, everything is an adventure, we're sharing what we learn about the language, and how to ride the bus. We celebrate simple meals at home and successful trips in a taxi. We hold each other at night and talk about how very blessed we are.

I've heard it before, and--whaddya know--it's true: I love him more today than I did a month ago. And for completely new and different reasons. I didn't know he was such a wonderful travel companion. I didn't know he was language savvy. I didn't know he would be so kind a relateable with his co-workers. I didn't know how optimistic he can be and what a great cheerleader he is. I didn't know how much I needed him.

We've often remarked that we are each other's best friends. But this experience in Korea has confirmed that even when we have no one else, we still cling to each other. Partly because of love, partly because of necessity. And I don't think that's so bad at all.


Ashley Barber said...

I truly love that your students found our height difference hysterical! Hahahahahaha!

Ashley Barber said...

I love this.