Monday, September 23, 2013

I Ate Jellyfish for Lunch

I'm convinced that there are a few universal truths that surpass culture and country. One of which is: no one likes to come to work the first Monday back from a holiday. My recent research at school has found this to be true, therefore, it must be true everywhere.

I didn't sleep great last night, so waking up this morning say the least, awful. I was stiff and cranky and falling asleep during my own yoga practice. Plus, I think I'm getting sick. Jeremy made his way out the door for work and I stumbled my way out the door shortly after.

I think another universal truth is (and I'm sure this happens to everyone): if the squatty potty at school that has been sitting all of break with poo in it spits on you (and your clothes) when you try to flush it down, that's it (!), just go home, this day won't get any better. Bonus points if there's no toilet paper or paper towels to be found. That deserves hot cocoa and a hug. 

I went to my first class prepared to teach the wrong lesson. Plus: I made a quick adjustment. Minus: the kids were totally confused.

During my second class, my co-teacher told me that she didn't like the lesson plan I had made. The one I was planning to teach all week long, but now must change.

On my way to my third class, some boys barked and meowed at me in the hallway. A situation I will probably know how to handle correctly. 

By my fourth class, I was on auto-pilot just trying to make it to lunch.

Another universal truth: no one likes a surprise that involves food that makes them gag and is already in their mouth. Today's lunch entree: jellyfish. That's right ladies and gentlemen, today, I ate jellyfish for lunch. With a smile on my face. It wasn't good. It was jellyfish.

Let me tell you something I've found to be true, oh, everywhere: no one likes feeling judged. At lunch, a co-worker asked if I went to church this weekend. I said we didn't. He said, "I thought you and Jeremy were spiritual people." I nearly stopped myself from engaging in an inevitably touchy conversation for the sake of cultural differences and respect...and then I didn't. I started talking. And kept talking. And the mood in the cafeteria 15 minutes later made me wish I had just kept my mouth shut.

After lunch, another spitting toilet. Never okay. I'm now a big walking germ.

I'm lesson planning now and realizing my last universal truth for the day: no one gets a song stuck in their head and thinks, "What a blessing!" Particularly, when it's this song. 

No one ever wants this song stuck in their head. Oh no, please. Don't miss this opportunity. Watch it. I dare you. 

To balance out all of these sarcastically snarky boo-hoos, let me tell you this:
-I am glad we are living in Korea.
-I am totally and completely in love with my husband.
-I am blessed beyond compare with awesome co-workers and co-teachers.
-We have a swell, little apartment.
-We like our neighborhood.
-I am packed to the brim with blessings: health, wealth, a job, a place to live, education.

Even on days like this, I know that life is good.

Now, where's my hot cocoa?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, life is dumb.

Karalee Rhuman said...

This made me feel so sorry for you, I just wanted to hand you some hot chocolate, some peanut butter gluten free cookies and give you a hug. But then when I watched that song I just had to laugh. Sounds like your day was pretty crazy. I'm sure you're glad it's over. Love hearing your stories. Stay strong, and keep being positive. We all really are so blessed!