Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Month in Korea

We have been in Korea for one month. Another anniversary to celebrate and commemorate by being grateful for where we've been so far.

In one month, we've:
-traveled 10,197 kilometers (6,336 miles)
-been in 7 different cities
-managed planes, buses, taxis and subways in Korean
-met at least 60 people and tried to remember their names
-learned at least 40 Korean phrases
-used one full package of sleeping pills
-eaten 3 jars of peanut butter
-had 5 shots of soju
-eaten a lot of seaweed (compliments of the tenants before us)
-tried octopus, squid, duck, pork, pork-blood noodles, and chicken cartilage
-probably lowered our cholesterol quite a bit
-learned to speak in centimeters, kilometers, and kilograms (as I think we should all be doing!)
-started teaching English in two elementary schools
-become millionaires (by way of Korean won at least...)

I write from Busan, a coastal city in southern-south Korea. We came here for a few days because this week Korea celebrates the Chuseok holiday. I've heard it's like their Thanksgiving. It's a celebration of the good harvest when families travel to be together and eat good food. We've traveled to be together and eat good food, too! Last night, we found a Mexican restaurant. I ate french fries smothered in cheese and it was good!

We regularly have to remind ourselves that we are in Korea. In fact, I just Googled a map of Asia to remind myself of where I am: below North Korea, east of China, and pretty darn close to Japan. Really?! I'm a brief plane ride from Cambodia and just across China from Nepal. It's easy to forget exactly where we are because sometimes we feel completely lost and other times we feel quite-like we're home. Familiar things. English-language. Good coffee. Especially here, where foreigners on their way through Asia abound in large numbers we weren't expecting.

But we're here for the "long" haul.
Or at least what feels like a long-haul compared to a week-long getaway.

Here's to the months ahead!


Anthony said...

I'm glad you guys are there but sad that you aren't here.

Heather said...

Yeah, I feel that too.