Saturday, September 7, 2013

This Is Where We Live

This is where we live. This is the place we call "home."

This is our neighborhood

These are some stores nearby...

...where we'll go shopping (when we're rich)
A coffee shop we like
This is where we like to buy our fruit
Some hilarious art work in the hallway at my school
The street where we live
Our litte apartment
A lot of pink

And this is us. And we are happy.

And this is how we amuse ourselves...


C.Guty said...

Sooo it looks really great there! I big city, but great. Also is your shower and bathroom all one? That is what it looks like to me in the picture.
Free workouts! SCORE! Who needs a gym membership when you have state of the are machines in your park!? I wish we had those here :)
I love and miss you all very much.

Salvador and Alissa said...

Kewl lil apt! Makes our 1 bed 1 bath look like a family sized house! Lol and the lil fridge reminds me of the one we had in India. Amazing how efficiently other people live like in other countries. Anyway, love the pics and hope you guys are adjusting and enjoying it there. Alissa and I were seriously considering doing exactly what you are doing a few years ago. Hope it all goes well. take care

Ashley Barber said...

I'm loving Korea more and more by the day!