Monday, October 14, 2013

Eat Your Kimchi

There's a website I discovered a few months before coming to South Korea called Eat Your Kimchi. It's run by this quirky Canadian couple who have lived in Korea for the past five years. I'm posting a few videos here because they summarize so well many things I have observed about education and style and stereotypes.

Check 'em out!
(but keep in mind, the views of these videos do not necessarily reflect my own)

This one is about how different the objectives of education are between Korea and North America. This vlog reminds me of a conversation I had recently with a Korean teacher/mother who lived in Oklahoma from 2007-2010. Her family moved because of her husband's military position. I asked her about the differences in education between the two countries and she said, "Often, my boys miss American education. They had so much fun. They actually enjoyed school. Here they are miserable. In America, they ask their students 'what will make you happy?' and in Korea, we ask them, 'what will make your family successful?'"

This is a good description of what I've experienced as far as reactions to foreigners (a.k.a me). There's a lesson coming very soon in my English classes about how to talk to foreigners. The kids at school will often yell random English words at me, sometimes coherent, sometimes not. I think that because foeigners ("waygooks" in Korean) are fairly new, this tip will be important so they don't get smacked. Not by me, of course.

The fashion sense in Korea is a puzzle to me. It's different. I'm adjusting. Many women are incredibly modest up top and all-party down low. It's always intriguing trying to define words like "beautiful" and "modest" depdning on what country you are in. 

And lastly, Korean stereotypes. I, honestly, haven't encountered much of this (that I know of...). But we've also only been here for a few weeks. 

There you have it.

Again, I am not an expert and neither are Martina and Simon.
These are just their opinions and observations.
But SO interesting.


Caitlyn Brianne said...

They are so funny! I have heard a lot of these things from my Auntie. thanks for sharing!