Friday, October 4, 2013


Korea has felt more like home lately. 

Not because it's familiar.
Not because I understand it.
Not because I love everything about it.

But because day-by-day,
I'm looking around.
And taking it all in.
And learning.
And seeking understanding.
And finding my place in it.

Sometimes, I feel as if I don't belong. 
That I'll never understand.
I'll never blend-in. 
And that may be true, but 
that doesn't mean
I can't make this place my home.
Because I can.
And I will.

Sometimes my Korean friends
will talk about a place
a restaurant
an event 
and I'll ask,
"Can foreigners go?"
And they always look at me
like the alien I am and say,
"Of course, you can go. Why not?"

Probably because I'm interpreting
our differences
to be my downfall.
My differences to be 
a problem,
a hindrance.

Could it be that 
I am
the only one
who sees it 

Could home 
be waiting 
for me to embrace it?


Hannah said...

love this :-)

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