Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Trip to Daejeon

This weekend, we took a trip to Daejeon. It's just south of us here in Cheongju, about 40 minutes by bus (and a $3 ticket!). Our main objective of the day was to check out Costco (yes, Costco) and stock up on a few supplies. But we surely wanted to see a few other things as well.

Bob and Trish offered to show us around, so we made it to Daejeon and found lunch: Korean juk (pronounced "jook"). It's like a savory rice porridge and most closely the Korean equivalent of chicken noodle soup. You can order it with chicken, tuna, kimchi, sweet potatoes, and more.

After juk, we wandered around for way too long trying to find a darn baking store I'd seen on-line, called Happy Bake (well, in English anyway). Trish used her phone to find it at long last. I wish I could say it was worth the trouble, however, if I ever get into cake decorating, I'll know where to go.

From here, we hopped on the subway, to get to a famous foot spa. Yes, that's a thing. It's nestled in this little park of sorts, between two parallel streets. There are several shallow pools that people gather around to soak their feet. From what I saw, there were older people who gather to gab, families out enjoying the weekend, and even business-people just passing by putting their leather polished shoes aside. 

The hottest water came up in the room at the top of the picture. About 15 older people just sat and baked the most intense heat. Dabbing at their sweating brows with towels. The water then trickles to the cooler and coolest temperatures down by us. 

We did try the hottest foot bath. We squirmed like pansies as the Korean-folk stared in curiosity. 

From here, we ventured to the mecca of our journey:

We don't have a lot of space in our apartment and we surely don't have refrigerator space, so we were a bit limited in our purchases. But this was probably for the best, as the four of us filled up an entire shopping cart of goodies and didn't have much money to spare.

We made a much needed stop in the Costco food court (which you are probably thinking: why?). Well, because the food was familiar and actually quite tasty. This demonstrates our desperation more than anything, but still, they had a good chicken/pecan salad and Jeremy had pizza. 

From here, we took our purchases to the door and tried our best to fit all of our purchases into the rolling luggage we brought. I told you this was a BIG deal! We drug ourselves out the door to get a taxi to the bus station. And we got home after long last!

Days like this are better than Christmas!

We are pretty thrilled to have a few familiar items stock piled:
-agave (which is actually much cheaper than honey here)
-Hershey's chocolate syrup
-peanut butter
-cheese (well, half a block we split between us)
-tortilla chips
-chocolate chips
-canned tomatoes

Whoever first shamed material possessions obviously never lived seven weeks on kimchi. 


Eleni said...

"Whoever first shamed material possessions obviously never lived seven weeks on kimchi."

Dear friend, allow me to quote you from now on.
I kind of shame material possessions to some extent. And this is my second week on kimchi.

Heather said...

Hee hee, you can do it! We're 18 months in now. You find your way. We cook a lot!