Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An Ode to Snails on Thanksgiving

A snail in my soup
was my Thanksgiving treat
on Thursday a day
reserved for turkey meat.

But no turkey today
nor another, either way
because snails are on the menu
regardless, they say.

"This is no place for turkeys,
or a nice chicken dish,
what we do have is this
delightful jellyfish."

"Interesting," I respond
because it's all you can say
when you're perplexed by the offerings
day after day.

Back home, they'll eat cranberries,
stuffing, and pie,
they'll gorge themselves full 
to the brim with a sigh.

And while that'd be nice,
and I wouldn't pass it up,
who can say they spent holidays
eating snails from a cup?

"Not many," I'd say,
hardly any at all,
and who has seen the colors
change here during fall?

What of the people I've met?
Or the places I've seen?
the experiences I've had,
they feel like a dream.

So this one little Thanksgiving
(only one in a bunch), 
I'll be ever so grateful
and eat snails for my lunch.