Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Korea is Teaching Us About Marriage

I think that years from now, Jeremy and I will look back at our time in Korea and know that it made us better lovers. Better listeners. Better communicators. Better feelers. Better.

Because when you move to a foreign country with your best friend one of two things will most likely happen:
-either you will grow apart because there's too much together time
-or you will come closer together

I'm overjoyed to report the latter.

I can't say that I really worried, Oh no, what if our marriage suffers because we are moving to Korea?

That was never really a thought because I know who we are.

We are these two, young fools who are painfully in love and awfully skilled at missing the mark.
We are good at talking through things.
We are good at communicating our needs.
Even when they are hard.
Even when they seem selfish.
We are good at asking, "What are you thinking?" 
And we are good at answering honestly.
We are good at filling in each others gaps. 
At being strong when the other feels weak. 
At having fun.
We are great at holding each other accountable.
We are also quite skilled at knowing exactly what will annoy the other person.
And having long, drawn-out spats about who-said-what-and-why.

But I think our tiny apartment/room has made us better at this marriage thing. Because I remember clearly thinking in the awkward resentment of our last argument: 

Ya know, I have to spend the rest of the evening with this guy in our tiny apartment and 
I think it would actually be easier to just end this right now.

"Okay, I'm sorry."

It may not be the best reason to to put my stubbornness aside and end a ridiculous spat, but it's awfully good training. Because deep down, I never want to run out of the room. And Korea is teaching me to stay put.


Carley Brown said...

I love that you post what you are learning about marriage. That picture of you both is so stinken cute! I always stash away what I read for that someday when I get married. All great advice!

Anthony said...

I like this.