Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dear Body

Dear Body,

I don't feel well.
Aching neck.
Sinus headache.
Swollen and stiff knee.
Feeling tired and weak.
Oh, and thanks for this month's "gift."

I want to point fingers, to lay the blame in a place where I can feel justified in my frustrations. I could walk around all day fighting this, resenting these aches and pains. These things that make up my human body. But I'm choosing not to because I don't need to. Carrying that anger won't make my pain go away. It will only hold the pain captive for longer.

So instead, I'm choosing grace, acceptance, and gentleness.

I may feel crummy today, but you've carried me quite a long way these past twenty-six years and for that I'm grateful. We've come a long way together you and I: from birth to walking to falling to running to dancing to climbing mountains to playing basketball to running half marathons and then demanding that you do it all over again. No rest. No appreciation. Every day.

I have a tendency to focus more on what you look like than what you can do.
For that I am so sorry.

And I know I'll do it again.
And I'm sorry for that, too.

I am indebted to the miles, the safety, the health, and the immunity I enjoy.
Thankful for my physical abilities and my strength.
I can be gentler. I can be kinder.
I am grateful.



KendraKay at said...

love this. thanks for sharing!