Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Home

Our little apartment in Korea has come a long way since we first arrived on day one and for that we are grateful. But we're also grateful for a budget from our school that allowed us to purchase a few additions and make this space a little homier. 

Day one

There was just SO much pink!

And things were a bit blah.

But look no further than the paper shop around the corner, and I made us some make-shift wall paper.

I "made" the curtains out of fleece blankets and shower curtain rings.

There wasn't much I could do for our open closet. It just is.
We also needed some art on the walls and what better than cardboard I painted with the Korean hangeul alphabet.

But the walls are livelier and we bought some shelves for storage.

Here's our teeny kitchen: stove, oven/microwave, refrigerator.
We fit a lot into this space.

Our bathroom: the shower head is behind the door and everything gets wet when you shower.
But cleaning is pretty easy and usually done naked.

Out on the enclosed balcony is our washing machine.
And Jeremy built me a shelf.

And then there's...this. We store our luggage, summer clothes, and other things out here.
We also dry our clothes from the rack that ascends and descends from the ceiling.
It's just a mess.

And this is the view out our window.

We like our little home.

Granted, if we were offered a little extra room, we'd take it. But because this apartment is meant for one person, we're making a little extra money per month that our school would've spent on a larger place. Plus, we just can't stay angry in arguments for very long. We've made it ours and we've found ways to negotiate the small space. I prefer throwing elbows. Jeremy's much more diplomatic.

God bless him.


Carley Brown said...

" I prefer throwing elbows" you're too funny