Monday, December 30, 2013

This is a Day for Sweat Pants

I knew it when I felt it at the gym. When--in my mind--I started using words like "stupid" and "dumb" to describe things I saw in others and in the mirror. I could've continued this way all day. Fighting. Criticizing. Making myself crazy. Dreaming up extra-awful ways in which I am a failure at life.

But instead, in line at the grocery store, I told Jeremy, "Today is a self-care kind of day."

Partly because Mother Nature has rudely required it.
Partly because I've been going and going without a break.
Partly because every once in awhile everyone needs such a day.

This is a day for sweat pants.
And tea.
And crochet.
And Sleeping at Last on repeat.

This is not a day for accomplishing or achieving.
This is not a day for making brave New Year's resolutions.
This is not a day for getting my recommended daily allowance of fiber.
This is not a day for Pinterest (the ultimate "look-at-everything-you-could-be-but-aren't").
This is not a day for bringing up that painful conversation, just because it's on my mind.
Just because it stings.

This is not a day to beat myself up for everything I'm not.
This is not even a day to meditate on everything I do well.
It's just a day to be.
To sit.
To rest.
To let it be.

And it's a day to say it loud and let it go.

As part of an e-course I took part in on The Gifts of Imperfection, I took this photograph of myself:

I am imperfect and I am enough.

But then I thought, Why stop there? I need these reminders regularly. 

Even on days like this when I'm struggling to hold it together:

I am imperfect and I am enough.

Let. It. Go.