Saturday, December 28, 2013

This Is The Week That We...

-worked four regular school days because Christmas isn't really a big deal in Korea.

-made lemon poppyseed bundt cakes for our co-teachers for Christmas. It's tricky to conduct a large scale operation with limited counter space, but I made good use of the floor. And blending butter, sugar, and lemon peels with your hands instead of a food processor is tricky, but doable. 

-watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

-took one day off for Christmas and it was pretty great.

-hung socks next to the microwave and called them stockings. 

-Skyped with our families on Christmas. 

-felt a bit homesick after seeing everyone together.

-watched Ernest Saves Christmas.

-spent Christmas evening with friends who are gracious and kind.

-sat down to Christmas dinner to the exact same set of plates that my Mom has. And these aren't your run-of-the-mill plates. No, these are fancy, like from Germany or something. Somehow, it made me feel a little more at home.

-went ice skating. My co-teacher has been taking speed skating lessons and invited me to come along with another teacher from our school. I wobbled around on the ice for an hour while they danced and frolicked about. Afterwards, we ate jim-dock and talked about everything under the sun: how many bedrooms there are in my house in the States, the name of cities in Colorado, religion, North Korea, Los Angeles, what we wanted to be when we were kids, and how we all became teachers. It was really fun.

-were a little bit relieved that the holidays are over. Not because we hate Christmas. Not because we were miserable. It's just nice that the time of year most focused on spending time with good people (who are this year far away) is over. 

On to a new year!