Thursday, January 30, 2014

Around and Back Again

Yesterday, we traveled from Phu Quoc back to Phnom Penh. It was a mostly uneventful full day of travel. Hot. Tight spaces. But safe and productive. We made it "home."

The ferry boat was tight.

It was nice to get back. Fay made dinner and we talked about our trip. They always feel like family.

Then, today, Jeremy and went back to the Russian Market to get some souvenirs and cheap deals. This place is an indoor, smelly, and quiet claustrophobic market with everything from pirated DVDs to fruit, clothes to Buddha statues. They've got it all. So we both got some summer clothes (because clothes are SO expensive in Korea) and some fun things too.

This poor kid fell asleep at "work."

Because today was the first day of Chinese New Year, Cambodians were lighting small fires (yes, even indoors at the market) and burning fake money. Don't ask us why. Google it. 

This has been such an amazing trip. One I never expected I would get to make. I am so grateful for these new memories I've been able to make and the adventures we've had this time around. It's also pretty dang cool to have five different currencies in my wallet.

Chinese yen

Vietnamese dong

Cambodian riel

US dollars

Korean won
We've been downright shocked to see how many Koreans live in Cambodia. There are Korean flags, restaurants, and language schools. We're not exactly sure why they are coming here, but it's been pretty freakin' cool to see them on the street and say "ahnyoung haseyo" as their jaws drop in surprise. 

Korea, we're coming back for ya!