Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We've got good news!

Yesterday, we learned that I would not be able to get into Vietnam and back to Cambodia because my passport had run out of pages. This is something I have just never thought about. But apparently, I've gotten around. So after harassing the U.S. Embassy with emails and phone calls, we showed up this morning ready for action.

We walked past the sign saying that we would be seen only if we had appointment.
I straight up lied to the first guard saying that I had an appointment, which I didn't.
Then, I was able to talk to an American on the phone who let me come in.
But Jeremy had to stay out.
I made it through the first security checkpoint.
Then, another security checkpoint.
Then, into a large waiting room mostly filled with Cambodians.
At this point, I was pretty sure I made it.

I paid the $82 to get more pages added. Took a number and sat down. Two hours later, I was handed my bloated passport fresh with new pages. Success!

We are so thrilled that this worked out as we were going to have to drastically change our travel plans otherwise. So, we grabbed some lunch at Cafe Yeji (which was a favorite cafe of mine with cheap western food) and then checked out the Russian Market, which is like a big flea market with clothes, food, pirated DVDs, trinkets, and even motor oil.

So happy to find jackfruit. My favorite!

This is how they squeeze the sugar cane out of the rods.
This is how we look when we drink it.

To be honest, our trip thus far has been a bit exhausting. Good, but exhausting.

Exhausting because it's Cambodia and life here brings it's own demands.
Exhausting because I'm living in and out of reality and my memories.
But also, a bit frustrating because we grossly underestimated how much this trip would cost.
And, the passport hassle kinda did me in too.

But we're in this.
We're rolling with the punches.
We're trying to be adaptable and flexible.
We're grateful for this experience beyond what words can express.