Monday, January 20, 2014


Today, I took Jeremy around Phnom Penh (pronounced "nom-pen") this city I once called home. This city--that for all it's chaos--contains more mystery and intrigue than any where else I've ever been.

Every day should start with tropical fruit! Thanks, Fay!

You haven't been to Cambodia, until you've been in a tuk-tuk.

the path along the Tonle Sap river that joins the Mekong

I couldn't decide between mango juice and coconut yogurt

We are such Koreans. We saw "our" flag and got all excited.

Koreans are definitely making their mark on Cambodia!
We felt right at home with the exercise equipment.

Wat Phnom, apparently the elephant who used to live here died. I'm so sad.

It's a lot to take in.

Today, was quite the day. We've got the tired feet and the sunburns to prove it. But I wasn't here all alone and that makes all the difference. Having Jeremy by my side is a regular reality check. 

We spent a good chunk of our day partaking in some of the least sexy aspects of adventure: getting things done. Things like acquiring Vietnam visas, exchanging currency, haggling over rates, and shelling out--what feels like--a small fortune in order to get to the more sexy parts of adventure: sitting on a beach in Vietnam. 

After this, we spent the rest of the day walking and taking it all in: the Royal Palace, the riverside, a new yummy restaurant that did not exist six years ago, Wat Phnom. We saw it all. Whew! We came home, showered, and watched Grey's Anatomy, because that was about all we were capable of at that point. 

And I like that we can take this slow. I like that I can revisit these places. What a gift! Some people never get the opportunity to travel and here I am seeing Cambodia twice!


Ashley Barber said...

I like seeing these things a second time through my sister's eyes. I hadn't seen a video of navigating the streets, though I imagined plenty, but um, is it any wonder you only got hit ONCE during your first Cambodia experience!?! Incredible.