Saturday, February 22, 2014

Number Seven

In our 21 months of marriage we have moved 7 times.

That's maybe less impressive/crazy when you consider that two summers we up and moved to summer camp for a few months. Either way, we are familiar with moving. With packing. With boxes and Sharpies and organizing and unpacking and settling in all over again. And while admittedly, moving is kinda tiring, I'm grateful for the opportunities that have lead us to pack up our lives. Again.

Opportunities, like summer camp. In our twenties!
Like having parents who take you back in.
Like getting that first apartment.
Like moving overseas.
All good.

And now, we're just moving a few blocks away to a larger apartment that kind of landed in our laps. Yay. It will only be a bike ride away from school for both of us and will give us more space to move about. Which oddly enough only became a real "problem" when we found out two months ago that we would be moving. Before that we had quite graciously settled into our one room and found it tight, but cozy. But isn't it funny how you can be completely happy in one place until you find out that something better is now an option?

Yeah, once we heard about the larger apartment, bumping butts in the kitchen/living room/bedroom was no longer "cute," it was just annoying. So WE HAVE MOVED!

See that cool chair we found in the trash? 
Jeremy walked three blocks with that thing on his head.
That's dedication.

Once we were all packed up, the movers--two oldish men, I like to think are best buds from the way they worked together--showed up a good 20 minutes early, just as we were shoving the last of our cereal in our mouths. They spoke no English, we spoke (basically) no Korean. They talked. We smiled and shrugged our shoulders and tried to call my co-teachers. But eventually, we communicated what we needed to and were well on our way.

After our co-teachers arrived, they translated that the movers were surprised by how much stuff we had. They thought they were moving one person from the one-room, but were quite shocked that out came two!

Is this not a genius, pain-free way to life boxes? They carried everything that way.
We're never going back to the other way again.

Then, we said goodbye to our sweet little corner of the world. I'll admit, it was kinda sad to walk away from our first and only "home" not quite knowing what was ahead of us.

Then, we got to our new home and frankly, forgot how freaking-awesome it was! 
We weren't even a smidge sad anymore. 

Welcome to our new home! 

This is the view from the front (white) door looking into the entry way 
(that's right, we have an entry way) and then into the rest of the apartment.

This is the living room and master bedroom on the left (that's right, we have a master bedroom). 
Then, there's a second room to the left of the master bedroom.

Then, there's a second room (a guest room, if you will) to the left of the master bedroom.

This is excited-Jeremy dancing in the kitchen.
We kind of don't know what to do with all this space!

This is slightly-less-excited Jeremy as he looks around at all the work we have to do.

And the next morning, this is content-Jeremy eating crepes in our new home.

Our bedroom (before).

Our bedroom (after).

Our bedroom in our new apartment is about the same size as our entire old apartment. Yay!

We've spent much of the last 24 hours laughing at how incredibly blessed we are to have this shiny, new home in Korea. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. We'll give you more updates as we do some more settling in.


Cassi said...

Congratulations! Your new home looks beautiful and spacious.

Niki Onuoha said...

Congratulations!!!! It BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Niki Onuoha said...

Congratulations it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Glad to see and hear you both are doing well.

Chris said...

O___o wow amaze many space :D

C.Guty said...

Aww your new place is so nice!! Enjoy it :) Miss you guys!

Nikki said...

Congrats my loves! I bet that is a change for sure!