Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Lately, we've been settling into our new home, making new friends, and adjusting to the new school year.

Lately, we made our tri-monthly trip to Costco in a neighboring city. Because these waygooks gotta have their tortilla chips.

Lately, we been having friends over. You know, because now we can do that! They're helping to make this strange place feel more like home. We had spring rolls and homemade hummus (compliments of Trish) and played Spoons. Well, Chopsticks. But same difference.

The Chopsticks/Spoons game escalated quickly to include abandoned party hats that found a new use as dunce caps. 

And while Bob may have been cheering a little prematurely, the ladies team ended up winning!

Which is why we'll have this stellar photo to remind us for all of time...

Lately, we've been having Korean class with our friend, Jong. He's pretty great. How we were so lucky to meet him, we just don't know, but we're keeping him! Once a week he comes over for food and we always sometimes practice our Korean. Last week, over a bowl of mac and cheese, he said, "It's like I am in America." We so appreciate his friendship.

Lately, we've been playing Ultimate Frisbee. Because we assumed that surely there's gotta be some other people wanting to play in this nice spring weather. And we were right! It's the way Saturday afternoons were meant to be.

And lately, Jeremy's been taking pictures of my cooking adventures. Usually because he says, "This is so good! You should blog this stuff." So I'm thinking about it. Here are a few of my recent escapades.

Hand-made Sweet Potato Gnocchi

If someone's got a pronunciation on that one, I welcome it. 
We call it gah-nosh-ee right now. Or gee-nee-yotch-ee if we're feeling sassy.
Save us.

Gnocchi with Broccoli and Garlic Brown Butter

The next night (post-Costco run where we got CHEESE!), I made 
Gnocchi and Cheese with sauteed Mushrooms.

Then Pinterest got me all excited to make a Lime cake with Whipped Coconut Creme.

The cake turned out great.

The coconut creme, not so much. 

But we had some pretty good cake with coconut pudding and toasted coconut on top.

And that's just lately...more to come.


Emily Shafer said...

Coconut creme can be so tricky. My first batch looked like that too. Not sure what recipe you used, but if it involved a can of full-fat coconut milk, skipping the fridge part helped me. If the coconut is too cold, it will never whip smooth, despite best efforts! Did you follow a recipe for the gnocchi? You should post it if you did :)

Taleah said...

Pronunciation help with Gnocchi.
Start out by saying it like this: knee-yo-key. Then smush the first two syllables together and try saying the Nyo-key. If you want to be fancy you can try to though in a silent 'g' sound before the 'nyo', but it's really hard and unnecessary.