Monday, March 3, 2014

This Is The Week...

A week ago, we moved into our new apartment (which is fantastic)! So, this past week was spent settling into our new place. But also adjusting to the change in location.

Before we could walk most places we needed to go, but now we need to ride our bikes. We---mostly "I"--are getting used to this change. Jeremy found a box to strap to my bike so we can get groceries home. And he's quite handy juggling eggs while riding his bike.

This is the week...

-we worked half days and were grateful for every minute of it

-we played volleyball

-we got an air conditioner installed (for the soon-coming summer)

-we got a new dining room table

-we figured out how to use the washing machine

-I made chicken pot pies that tasted like I imagine a hair salon would. Still investigating.

-we had people over more this week than we have in the last SIX months! Six months. Yay, space!

-we had Korean class with our friend, Jongmin, where we usually just end up speaking English. But we don't mind at all.

-we met some new neighbors who just arrived in Korea as EPIK teachers

-we finally saw the movie Frozen and understood what all the fuss was about (but the theme song is still dead to me). It was a story about a woman--that's right 2014--a woman. And her goal wasn't too find a man. And she was funny and talked about farting. That's right, women and farting! I appreciated that the movie gave women licenses they usually don't have in film.

-I realized Korea is not a biker-friendly place and almost got hit by cars. Twice.