Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pictures From This Side of July

We've almost come full-circle in this crazy, Korean adventure. It's almost August, and we arrived here in August. The summer heat is becoming that disgusting humidity I remember from our first morning in Korea when I looked at Jeremy as we stepped outside and said, "Uh oh, what a dreadful place!" The approaching holidays are those we encountered during our first few weeks in Korea. The booty shorts are out and that funky, cold soup of noodles with the floating chunk of ice is making the rounds during this time of year.


Here are some things that have been happening in our corner of the world lately:

-Last week, we went on a date and took pictures. And we're so damn cute, here they are.

-Friday at school, the cafeteria served some kind of chicken soup. According to my co-workers Friday began the hottest part of the summer season. There are progressively hotter weeks and to "celebrate" we eat hot chicken soup. I told them that eating a popsicle made more sense to me, to which my co-teacher replied, "Yeah that would make more has something to do with the balance of hot and cold, yin and yang...ya know, I actually have no idea why we eat hot soup during the hottest season!"

-Last week, I learned that for every Korean family member that dies, the family gathers on that day, shares food, and memorializes that person. Every year. My co-workers were quite surprised that we don't do this in America. "Well," she asked, "what do you do then?" I didn't have a satisfactory answer. A co-worker joked that between the major holidays in Korea and all the dead family members, her poor mother spends most of the year planning for, cooking for, and cleaning up after these big family dinners. I asked if only religious people do this, they said no, that nearly everyone does so. Well, except for these young kids who have no respect...young kids. Pssssh.

-Yesterday, we went to the annual Boryeong mud festival. Now there's something that makes sense to do in the summer! We went with our friend, Jongmin, to this giant outdoor festival on the beach where you can careen down mud slides and have wrestling competitions with a bunch of other half-naked strangers.

There was an awesome concert of sorts and being how small Korea is, I was actually kind of surprised that Psy didn't show up (as he seems to quite often).

And here's inside the "Mud Zone"...

A good time was had by all.

Apparently, there's some kind of photography competition, so particularly wild (a.k.a. drunk)
foreigners, very quickly had a personal flock of paparazzi.

As you may notice, getting a "clean" shot was near impossible. 

-Next week, nearly every foreign English teacher embarks on a two week journey of either heaven or hell: summer English camp. Some have air conditioning, some don't. Some have supportive co-teachers, some don't. Some work half days, some don't. I am lucky in all three regards and I planned this summer's theme to be Frozen. Yes, the movie. Yes, overdone. Yes, many mucho online resources. Done! We'll make ice cream, we'll have wet relay races, we'll learn stuff. Yay.

-We've gotten quite good at using our bikes to get groceries, look at what we carried in ONE load on our bicyles!

-Here's what I've been cooking lately:

A chicken and broccoli bake thing that I added biscuits to the top of.

Recently, we inherited a tasteless watermelon and didn't know what to do with it. So I made watermelon lemonade and it was fantastic! A de-seeded and blended the watermelon, made a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water), added lemon juice.

Vietnamese crepes made with rice flour and coconut milk. Add veggies of your choosing and we use a soy and lemon sauce on top. Yum! 

And these are the differently abled crepes that just couldn't keep it together in the pan.  Fickle things.
Eggplant chips

Corn fritters

Corn fritters

Onion rings

super messy and time-consuming...

...but super yummy!

Thanks for reading along and cheering us along. We'll be seeing some of you in less than a month, and our one year Korean anniversary blog will be from America! Wahoo!


Tina said...

Wow! Almost a full year! You two are so stinkin cute. It's nice to hear and see what your up to.

Shauntel said...

Always enjoy your stuff Heather! Yes those are very adorable pictures of you all. And the food looks extremely delicious!!! But I always knew you could cook...from the first time at camp when I experienced your "curry." Lol
Hope all is well :)

Anonymous said...

10:22p Bo, I sure do love you. I sure do love your Blog. ^_^

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