Wednesday, August 27, 2014

America in Pictures

It's been quite a trip.

Did you know Incheon Airport has this free photo booth thing?

We landed in the States.

We've missed driving cars.

We've also missed eating Mexican food.

Look what we found in storage! As a kid, I had a Korean nanny who wrote my name in hangul. Granted it says, "Hay-dull" but how freaking cool is that! This is the same nanny who told my parents one day after work: "Heather potty-trained." Bam. One day. Finished. 
They have no idea what she did, but it's still working.

Since we've been gone my parents have moved from Loveland to the family farm.

A tree growing in the silo.

So much open space.

Dad and the new dog, Stitch.

Grandpa's brand for the farm.

Grandpa's untouched work bench.

So much fresh air.

All the gluten-free goodness. That's a muffin, folks!

Have I mentioned all the open space?

Riding around in the new farm toy.

Indian food.