Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Korea (Round Two)

If there is a word to describe the past three weeks, it would be: disorienting. 

From the regular school year to summer camp.
From Korea to America.
From Colorado to Nebraska.
From time zone to time zone.
From culture to culture.
And back again.

I'm grateful that we had the money and the time to visit the States. We are quite blessed. We spent ten days in Colorado and ten days in Nebraska. On the last day, Sunday night, we went to Jeremy's sister's wedding. It was lovely.

We partied, we danced, and we left the celebration around 10:30pm. 
Drove two hours to Lincoln. 
Left at 3am for the airport.
Drove an hour to Omaha.
Flew to Dallas. 
Tried to stay awake and looked like zombies doing it. 
Flew fourteen hours to Korea. 
Threw up three times along the way. 
Successfully found my parents at the airport in Korea.
Bussed it two hours to our city.
Took two taxis with all of our luggage to our apartment.
Crashed in bed.
Went to work the next morning.

We are kinda, sorta in a complete and total haze, but we're taking it one step at a time.

Korea (round two), here we go!


C.Guty said...

So glad you guys came to Nebraska!! It was good for my heart to spend a few moments with you. Here is to your next adventure! Love you both!

Ashley Barber said...

What a whirlwind, sister. Thanks for coming. I hope your mind, body, and soul find each other again so you can be all together in one place soon. Love you!

Carley Brown said...

Busy busy travelers!!