Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dear God

Dear God,

I didn't really want to write this letter.

Not because I'm angry or upset, but just because I don't have much to say. I feel like I should say something. Anything. Just to check in. Just to say, "Hey, I'm still kind of, sort of fumbling around here." I mean, I'm pretty sure you're the real deal, and, at the same time, if you were, I'm not sure how I'd know it. There are so many people in so many places talking/preaching/screaming about who you are. And if you are who they say you are, I'm not sure I want you.

I don't want a God who judges me vehemently based on how I dress, what I eat, and what music I listen to.

I don't want a God who will punish/burn those who chose the "wrong" day as Sabbath.

I don't want a God who applauds bigotry and hatred toward LGBTQ folk.

I don't want a God who advises people to set fire to abortion clinics.

I don't want a God who sees me as less-than because I've got a vagina.

I don't want a God who has a political agenda.

I don't want a God who promotes war and violence as a vehicle to peace and love.

I don't want a God who thinks that Americans invented Christianity.

I don't want a God who measures my "godliness"by my church attendance.

In short, I don't want most of what many modern-day evangelicals have co-opted and called "Christianity", and yet, I know you must be more than that. Better than that. Right? Please?

If so, tell me more. Because that's the kind of you I can get down with.



emily said...


I love that you're looking for more. The mainstream view scares me because I don't want that either, but doesn't surprise me much since the devil is out to craft as many counterfeits as possible.

Keep searching. It's kind of a personal question, and not one to which I'm wanting a personal answer, but have you ever read through the entire Bible? I only have once and I didn't do it until after college, but it was just such a surprising and amazing look at God as I saw Him working with people throughout history. Have found answers to a lot of questions there. I hope you find the real deal.

We wish you and Jeremy the best in your second year abroad. (I check in here every now and then because I love hearing about the culture and your honest take on life.)


Big Rich said...

If this was God then I would be an Atheist. And If God is love I need to be running toward him with every bit of energy that I have.