Wednesday, November 12, 2014


There's this predictable time of day around 2pm where the world drops away.

Monday through Friday the internet world buzzes with activity. But only for half of my day, because that's the half of my day when America is awake. When BuzzFeed posts videos, and Ellen DeGeneres makes jokes, and my friends are active online.

And then...

The activity ceases.
The posts online are less frequent.
The emails stop entirely.
And it feels like the world goes to sleep.

Except for me.
I'm still here.
It's such an odd, lonesome feeling.
To know that--at this distance--the internet is my only connectivity to the rest of the world.
And then, it just stops.
And I'm here.
In Korea.

And then around 2:30pm, an email will pop into my inbox. And it's from Jeremy. He's just finished his classes and just wanted to check in. Because he's my person. He's the only one awake over here with me. And throughout the afternoon, we're the only ones around. The only ones saying anything.

It's like we're walking down an abandoned street at 2am.
And there's no one around.
But that's okay.
Because he's the best friend a girl could ever want.