Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Scarcity and Abundance

Last week, I eavesdropped on a Facebook conversation between two friends who were planning to see each other this week. Awkwardly, I asked, "What's happening next week?" They promptly reminded me that they'd be together because it's Thanksgiving. Of course. It's Thanksgiving.

This week, I've been feeling the weight of scarcity. Of not having enough. Enough friends. Enough family nearby. Enough holiday spirit. Enough joy. Because it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving over here in Korea. And why would it? Thanksgiving is a distinctly American holiday. So, I'm sitting at school as if it's any other Thursday knowing that, right now, my family is driving nearer and nearer to Colorado where they will all be together for the holiday.

And all I'm thinking is: poor me.

My wise cousin, Angela, shared this video through her counseling website.

So, I'm sitting here in Korea trying to fight the scarcity epidemic by being grateful. Because there really is SO much to be grateful for:
-getting to live in Korea
-wonderful co-workers
-a job that pays me money
-a nice, warm apartment
-no diseases
-all hands, legs, fingers, and toes
-good friends
-great family
-getting TWO packages this week
-the luxury of travel
-in short, more abundance than I could ever need.

Tomorrow night, we'll celebrate our own version of Thanksgiving with a few friends and yummy food. Chicken will have to do on this side of the world. And that's fine by me.

From holiday seasons in Cambodia, to holiday seasons in Korea, I know that this time really is a gift. Not everyone gets to spend time abroad, particularly during the holidays when you get to see how other cultures do it. And we won't always be so far away.

Happy holidays, everyone!