Monday, December 8, 2014

The Christmas Song

Perhaps its the dump of snow that has me in the holiday spirit. The past week in Korea has been icy cold and casting fresh snow on us about every other day. It make my morning bicycle commute really terrible, however, I try not to think about too much and turn up the heating blanket I use at school. We've been piling on more layers, spending more time in pajamas, and drinking more tea, because the season demands it!

Even though Korea is a largely Christian country, they surely haven't caught on to the intense holiday marketing campaigns that start in October in the States. And I can't say I'm exactly disappointed, just surprised. It's rare to see Christmas lights or trees, though I have heard some K-pop renditions of Christmas songs once or twice on the radio.

So Christmas spirit around these parts is mostly do-it-yourself. We've got the tree. We've got the YouTube fireplace. We're drinking the hot chocolate. All that's needed is my favorite Christmas song, appropriately named: The Christmas Song.

Sidenote: I'd never actually had roasted chestnut before last week. They are quite common round these parts, though oddly absent from the country where we sing the dang song!

So, I would like to dedicate this song to my sweet, Mom and Dad in Colorado. I know how much you miss having me home to play piano, so this will have to do this year. Merry Christmas!