Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dear Present-Moment Self

Dear Present-Moment Self,

In this moment at this time, here we sit.

Sunday afternoon.
March 22, 2015.
Coffee shop.
Mint mocha.
Sun-shiney weather.
Bustling taxis and buses out the window.
Old men on bicycles riding the sidewalk.

Though common, still a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Because now it's over.
It's 12:53pm.
It's a completely different moment.
Now, there's a different song on the radio.
A little family just walked in: Mom, Dad, baby.
Illegal motorbikes.
One of my students walking outside, hiding in her yellow, hoodie.
The sun's shadow's sneaking across the street.
A thought.
A memory.
Moving on.

And the moment is past.
And we're still here.
And now.

I know you feel heavy.
Sometimes unbearably so.
With lists and things and to-dos and to-not-dos.
And the endless chatter of thoughts and feelings in your head.

Yet, still...

It's 12:57pm. And we're still here even if you choose not to be.
Because here is now.
And we can do "now".
Because nothing is required now.
Just sitting.
And breathing.
And drinking coffee.
And being here.

Can you be here with me for just a little while?

Settle in.