Thursday, March 26, 2015


This is our friend, Jongmin.

He makes our lives in Korea better. 

We met Jongmin when we were seeking a Korean teacher, but as it turns out, we don't practice Korean very much. He's just our friend. And we cannot imagine Korea without him in it.

He comes "to America" as he puts it (to our apartment) once a week and we eat and talk and laugh and learn from each other. Last week, I made him pancakes for dinner and we talked about trying to live in the moment instead of the past or the future. This weekend, we ate Indian food and talked about the differences between dating advice in Korea and dating advice in America. And he asked, "What is it when the lips touch together?" We got into a whole discussion about the different ways we talk about kissing. And we learned about "skin-ship" which is basically PDA, a relationship with lots of skin. He was surprised to hear that that was not an English expression.

Sometimes we learn Korean.
Sometimes we teach English.
It's a pretty good deal for everyone, I think.

We've gone to baseball games.
We've played Ultimate Frisbee.
We've eaten together.
We've watched The Office.
We've gone to jimjilbangs.
We taught him how to play Cards Against Humanity (which was awkward).
We've met his father and his sister and nephew (who visit from the States). 

We've probably learned more from Jongmin than from anyone else about Korea: the language, the people, the culture. He's been such a gracious and patient friend. 

We'll miss him when we go. 
But only until he comes to visit us in Colorado ;)
Some day.