Monday, March 30, 2015

The Audacity of Spring

She showed up to this dreadful, glum occasion with all the glitz of a real-life princess.

Like she owned the place.
Like she forgot the dress code.

Like she didn't know what time it was.
Like she thought it was a formal affair.

We all looked sideways at her
in our own gray and brittle attire
and scoffed and snickered to each other:
"Just look at her"
"What a priss"
"Ego, much?"

Because we felt less-than
and so "last-season"
and unbearably ugly
compared to the shine
that illuminated from her

She appeared
the middle of March

as if it was

the middle of April

With a smile
a grin
a confidence that made
everyone uncomfortable.

When we chided
"How dare you?"

She reminded

"Why not you?"

And her simple presence
made the whole world lighter.
And brighter.
And springier.

Because she chose to show up.
Thank God, she showed up.
To fight for light.
To place purple petals on every dry branch
To spread pink posies on each calloused shrub

And we wanted to hate her
this audacious spring
but we couldn't
not for long

so we just




Spring has sprung in Korea.
Thank, God.