Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Three Year Anniversary: Proud

I don't have much money.
I don't have a career to speak of.
I don't have any kids.
I don't even have a dog.

But I have a marriage.
And it's one I'm enormously proud of.

That might seem an odd thing to say. A marriage is not exactly a tangible possession I can show-off to my friends at a high school reunion. It's not a status symbol in the way that a full-bank account would be. And yet, it's the thing I have poured myself into for the last three years and it feels like, I should have something to show for it, but I really don't.

I suppose I have pictures.
And some numbers.

Like day number 1...
Photo James Goff

Day 365
Photo Chris Johnson
Photo Richard Young

Photo Richard Young

Day 730
Photo Bob Evans

Day 763

Day 880

And today, it's been 3 years

1,096 days

26,304 hours

1,578,240 minutes

We've lived in 3 cities, moved 6 times.

And we've visited 7 countries.

But pictures and numbers don't do these three years justice. 

Because I don't have pictures of that time I totally lost my cool over that really stupid thing and had to apologize. A few times. Or that time his words really stung. I can't show you a picture of the moments where I've stood at the kitchen sink and thought, It shouldn't be this hard. Or that time we went to bed with so much left to be said.

But I can tell you that it's all been worth it.

And we're still smiling.

And learning how to love each other better.



Ashley Barber said...

You get it, Sister. You have a marriage and life that reflects that. Your love is a beautiful love.