Thursday, June 11, 2015


Here's some goodness for your Friday. We recently celebrated our three-year anniversary by taking some pictures with Dorette Reyneke. I think it will be really cool to capture how we change through the years. These pictures matter.

This is the brick of our little apartment building. It's been our home in Korea. We are so blessed.

These are the little farms near our house. This is where we race home after we got to the market. This is where we dropped 2.5 dozen eggs. This is where the old man hunts for recyclables. This is where the goats are. This is where the motorbikes cruise through delivery Chinese food.

This is the park where we practice our pull-ups.

These cross walk photos mean a lot to me because this is such a regular spot for us. It's right near our apartment. We sometimes go here for coffee or across the street for a weekend stroll. It's our spot.

These pictures are in Sannamdong, the neighborhood right next door to us. The place where we make late-night runs to the market or bike rides to the ATM. It's where the market lady knows us and smiles.

There's a lot of grace here.

We are both allowed to cry.
We are both allowed to be angry.
We are both allowed to be scared.
We are both allowed to be goofy.
We are both allowed to make terrible jokes.

It's a good thing through and through.

On to year four.