Thursday, June 25, 2015

On Villains and Evil

I'm way late too the Harry Potter-train. I just read the books this year. In 2015.
I'm a 27 year-old Potter Head.

I love the story.
I love the characters.
I love the setting.
I love the plot.
I love the descriptions.
I love the creativity.

Something in this story really moves me.

It's a story about innocence and coming of age.
Good and evil.
Character and integrity.
Being a force for good in the world.
The things we fear.
The power they have.
The power we give them.

Like evil and villains.

I love this quote from Sirius Black--Harry Potter's godfather:

"Besides the world isn't split into 
good people and Death Eaters. 
We've all got both light and dark inside of us. 
What matters is the part we choose to act on. 
That's who we really are." 
-Sirius Black

I feel like this quote is a decent reflection of where I'm at in my spiritual road trip.

It's really easy to put the world in boxes.
To label what is good and bad.
Right and wrong.
And it makes us feel comfortable.
To feel some small sense of control.
But I find that the people I trust least in the world, are those who think this is actually possible.
Or useful.

We can try to lump "the homosexuals" or "the Liberals" or "the evangelicals" into a box that makes us feel superior and in-control. But we will fail every time. People cannot be written off so easily.

There is not only good and evil--us versus "them"--there is dark and light in all of us.