Tuesday, August 18, 2015

730 Days in Korea

Today is our two-year Korean anniversary.

It's been 730 days on this wild adventure living abroad. You'd think I'd have conquered some of my anxiety.And yet, somehow--some way--I feel just as anxious as I was on day one in Korea. The first night we arrived here, I had a panic attack (and wrote about it):

"That something sitting on my chest was fear.
Feat that we've made a huge mistake.
Fear that I haven't changed.
Fear that I just can't handle world travel.
Fear that something awful will happen to those we love at home.
Fear that history will repeat itself."

And I felt similarly this morning the second I opened my eyes.
Like there's something that is waiting to fall.
Like I need to keep checking my pulse.
Like I'm carrying bricks on my heart.
Like I'm about to collapse.
Like there's too many loose ends.
Pay the last bills.
Close the bank accounts.
Cancel the cell phones.
Cancel the Internet.
Say "Goodbye."
Sell that thing.
Find that thing.
Double-check that thing.
Pack up everything we own.

But if there's anything to be learned from our fears--and certainly anything to be gained from writing them down--it's this: 
none of the things I feared two years ago actually happened.

We didn't make a huge mistake.
have changed for the better.
can handle world travel.
Nothing awful happened to those we love at home.
History did not repeat itself.

And so, I think I am allowed to have peace about our future because the past two years have been great.

Here we are on our flight to Korea in August 2013:

And here we are in Seoul our first week:

And then, we started teaching English:

And meeting co-workers:

And making friends:

We visited Cambodia and Vietnam:

We went climbing:

We celebrated our second year of marriage:

We got muddy:

My parents came to visit:

We started an Ultimate Frisbee team: The Cheongju Chewbaccas!

We battled winter. And won:

We went to a Buddhist temple stay:

We went to Japan:

We played Frisbee with good people all over Korea:

We celebrated our third year of marriage:

And here we are now:

What a ride it has been!

We've been married longer in Korea than we have been married in America. So we've had to navigate a lot of things on our own. And I say we've done...swimmingly!

We've lived in two apartments.
Taught at four different schools.
Visited five countries.
Learned about ourselves.
Learned some how to read, write, and (kind of) speak Korean.
Learned about another culture.
Made friends from all over the world.
And paid off $40,000 of our student loan debt!

And so, NOW, looking forward at the next 30 days, 13 plane rides, and 7 countries,
here's what I know for sure:

-I don't have to do this alone, that's why I got married!

-Jeremy is a trustworthy friend and one I am lucky to have.

-We will figure this out one day at a time.

-We will get lost.

-We will be confused.

-We will disagree.

-But eventually, we'll be on the other side of this grand adventure and be grateful that we had the opportunity to take it.


C.Guty said...

I love this and you both so much!

Kevin Binder said...

I have enjoyed your posts these two years. I, too, am proud of the person you have become. Jeremy is a very blessed man to have you as a life partner. Kathy and I are looking forward to seeing again. :)