Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Kiddos Made a Movie

At the end of every semester in Korea, the public school teachers put on an English summer camp program. It can be a tricky task. Do you pick one theme and leave out kids who don't like it? Or do you do various activities every day and cover too much? I've experienced some of each in my three previous camps, so this year, I felt pretty confident with Story Camp.

The first week, we talked about the various elements of any story (character, setting, theme, etc.) and made our own movie. We picked characters, memorized lines, and made props.

The second week, each day we read a different story and identified that story's theme. So, for example, for The Tortoise and The Hare, we had relay races and other sport-related activities.

I'm super-pleased with how the movies turned out.

Here's the 3rd and 4th grade movie, where everyone wanted to act:

Here's the 5th and 6th grade movie, where suddenly nobody wanted to act: