Monday, December 7, 2015

There Will Come a Day

There will come a day
when I wake up alone in our bed.
When I reach across the sheets
for your warm, welcome arms
and you won't be there.
Ever again.

There will come a day
when I wander this world alone.
When I pass the hours
expecting your call
or a text
or something
and it will never come.
Ever again.

There will come a day
when I think I see your face.
When I look around a crowded room
and anticipate your admiring eyes
but I won't see them.
Ever again.

And thoughts like this can keep me up at night.
As if dreading that inevitable day
will protect me somehow.
But it won't. 
It will only hold me hostage.
Thoughts like this can ravage my heart right open,
as if it's really happening.
Right now.

But it's not.
That day is not today.

Today, I'm laying beside you.
Today, I'm complaining about the lump in this bed.
And you're looking across the pillow at me
with so much fondness,
I'm afraid my heart just might
leap out of my chest and attempt
to join up with yours.

Today, I'm in love and all is well.
And all is well.

Hafiz says,

"Nothing can shatter this love.
For even if you took another

into your arms, the truth is,
my sweetheart, you would