Saturday, May 14, 2016

Four Year Anniversary

Jeremy and I have been married for four years.
Four years. 

And the person I'm married to now is not the same person I married back then.
And I'm not the same person either.
And it's a beautiful thing because time changes us.
Even just a few years.

But there are some things that haven't changed.
Like the things I love about him.
That list has only gotten longer.

I love how he's real quiet in the mornings, because I'm always the one who sleeps later.

I love how when I wake up he crawls back in bed to "snuggle me awake."

I love how he looks into my eyes as if I'm the most beautiful messy-haired, retainer-mouthed, bad-breathed girl he's ever had the pleasure of loving.

I love how he puts toothpaste on my toothbrush. For no good reason, really. Just cause.

I love how he calls me "Bo-nicorn" and "Bo-dacious" and "Bo-tiful" and "Bo-ness" and "Bo-diddly."

I love that he helps me make the bed.
And load the dishwasher.
And do the laundry.

I love how patient he is when I forget to check the oil on the car. For months.

I love how he brags about what a good cook I am.

I love how he lets me feel how I'm feeling. Even when it's grumpy. Or sad.

I love how he texts me mid-day, just to say "hi."

I love how he's always excited to see me when I get home.

I love that he doesn't rely on man cards and stereotypes to tell him who he needs to be.

I love that he holds me when I cry.

I love that he listens to me instead of trying to "fix" me.

I love that he's handy and capable of so many things with repairs and cars and tools and stuff.

I love how he warms up my side of the bed before I get in.

I love how he holds me as I fall asleep.

I love how he kisses me on the forehead as my mind wanders into dreams.

There's no one else I'd rather be doing life with than him.


Carley Brown said...

I haven't visited your blog in quite sometime. It's always nice though. I love stopping by. This post makes me want to be married, you two are so cute!