Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

Today marks the 33rd year of your life.
Today is the celebration of your birth.

I couldn't be more grateful that you exist. That I met you 11 years ago. That we started dating 9 years ago. That we've been married for 5. You are an incredible gift.

I'm regularly in awe of you.
Of your kindness.
Your playfulness.
Your gentleness.
Your listening ear.
Your ability to say just the right thing.
    Or the "wrong" thing, but eventually, the right thing.
Your thoughtfulness.
Your patience.
Your knowledge of things I didn't even knew you knew.
Your practical abilities to fix, like, anything.
The way you observe and take things in, without immediately reacting.
The way you let things slide off your back.
The way that you are calm in a crisis.
The way you adore our niece, Scarlett.
The way you jump in and help my parents.
The way you take care of my sister.
The way you poke fun at my brother.
The way you hold me in your arms and everything feels right with the world.

Years from now, we will say, "Remember that time we conquered graduate school?" And "we" will be accurate because there's no possible way that I could be doing this without you.

You work 70+ hour weeks to provide for us.
You get very little sleep.
You don't always get to do the fun things.
On the weekends, you sit beside me while I do homework and rub my shoulders and pretend like this is exactly what you hoped our Sunday would be.
And you do all of that for me.

You, my dear, are a wonder. 

You are my one true love.
You are my best friend.
You are my favorite feminist. You support me. You believe me.
You love me: mind, body, and soul.

Let's live 33 more years together.
Let's reach the time when we've been together more years that we've been apart.
Let's snuggle hard on the weekends.
Let's live a simple life.
Let's take care of each other.
Let's build community.
Let's make the world a little brighter.
A little kinder.

You make me better.
Here's to you, on your birthday. 

I love you.

Every part of me,